Continuous Work Blanch Equipment

Continuous Work Blanch Equipment
  • Inactivate enzymes: Halt enzymatic reactions that can degrade quality during dehydration.
  • Preserve color and flavor: Prevent enzymatic browning reactions that diminish the food's natural characteristics.
  • Enhance drying efficiency: Partially pre-cook the food to remove surface moisture and soften the texture, allowing for faster and more uniform drying.

How this equipment improves better

Continuous Processing
  • Advantage: Uninterrupted flow of large food volumes.
  • Benefit: Maximized production output.
  • Value: Meets the demands of large-scale dehydration operations.
Continuous Blanch Equipment Snluck Industry
Adjustable Process Parameters
  • Advantage: Variable control over temperature, blanching time, and conveyor speed.
  • Benefit: Optimal treatment for diverse food items.
  • Value: Ensures consistent product quality across different products.
Adjustable Process Blanch Equipment Snluck Industry
  • Advantage: Integrates with feeding and discharge systems.
  • Benefit: Hands-off production process.
  • Value: Reduces labor costs and streamlines production.
Auto feed Blanch Equipment Snluck Industry
Sanitary Design
  • Advantage: Constructed with easy-to-clean materials.
  • Benefit: Maintains hygiene and complies with food safety regulations.
  • Value: Minimizes risk of product contamination.
Sanitary Design Blanch Equipment Snluck Industry

Parameter List

Blanch Dimension Contain Volume
SL-CB-2010 2000*1000*1400mm 160L
SL-CB-3010 3000*1000*1400mm 250L
SL-CB-5010 5000*1000*1400mm 400L
comparison between batch and continuous blanching equipment
Feature Batch Type Blanching Continuous Type Blanching
Processing mode Discrete batches Continuous flow
Throughput Lower Higher
Labor requirement More labor for loading/unloading Less labor intensive
Production consistency Potential for variation between batches More consistent product quality
Suitability Ideal for small to medium-sized batches or specialty products Ideal for high-volume production lines
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