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At the heart of Snluck Industry is a commitment to excellence in food processing technology, delivering energy-saving, user-friendly, and long-lasting support to our partners.

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Snluck achieve goals with work & In-depth Study

Combines advanced technology and expert knowledge to deliver precise, high-quality drying results tailored to your specific goals.

Technical Staff Rate 16%
Bachelor Degree Staff Rate 65%
Customers’ Satisfication Rate 98%

-Data source by Snluck Industry Annual Report 2023

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Customer-Centric researching

At the core of our research and manufacturing process is a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. We are committed to delivering equipment that not only meets but exceeds expectations, ensuring that every product we create is tailored to deliver exceptional value and performance.

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Customer-Driven Innovation

Continuously innovate to provide solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Tailored Solutions for Every one

Customized equipment options to each client receives a solution that perfectly fits their specific needs.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Prioritize the customer experience at every touchpoint, from initial inquiry to post-purchase support.


I am thoroughly impressed with its performance and efficiency… cost savings… provided us with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities…

Overall, this dehydrator has exceeded our expectations and has become an indispensable tool in our food processing facility.

Abraham Kinman – CEO Hengli PVT.

seamlessly client-Centric Support Center

Unifying Engineering and Manufacturing through Client-Focused MBD system.

Manufacture Practical Use Equipment

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Our goal is to ensure that every piece of equipment we deliver is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.