How this Minimizes Breakage & Powdering Helps Better?
  • Minimize Breakage: Say goodbye to crushed materials or broken pieces during drying. SnLuck Dehydrators gently remove moisture while maintaining the original shape of your materials.

  • Reduce Powdering: Eliminate the formation of excessive dust or fine particles. Our dehydrators ensure a higher yield of usable dried product.

  • Maintain Material Integrity: Whether it’s delicate fruits, valuable herbs, or pharmaceutical ingredients, SnLuck Dehydrators protect the structure and integrity of your materials throughout the drying process.

key technique to achieve Minimizes Breakage & Powdering
Tray/Layer Design
Tray/Layer Design

Large Tray Surface | Optimal Gap | Rounded Corners

Material Handling
Material Handling

Static Drying | Gentle Material Flow

Airflow Management
Airflow Management

Controlled Airflow | Adjustable Airflow Settings

Airflow Management
Temperature Control
Precise temperature control systems

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Unlike the tumbling action in rotary dryers that can cause material breakage, especially for delicate items. With snluck dryer, I get well-dry and no damage pellet & pomace.

John Ash Bennis – Feed-Feed Industry

God helps, the potential for material agitation and collisions with water in float dryers cost a lot time and money, until Snluck’s engineer coming. It helps a lot. Lib welcome again.

Orchard Newman – Argua Pvt.