Multiple Aim Slice Equipment

Multiple Aim Slice Equipment

Slice equipment plays a key role in optimizing the hot air dehydration process by promoting efficient, even, and consistent drying of the food materials.

  • Increased Surface Area: By slicing the food items, the overall surface area is significantly increased. This is essential for efficient and even drying throughout the product. With a larger surface area exposed to the hot air, the moisture can evaporate more quickly, resulting in faster drying times.

  • Consistent Drying: When the food materials are sliced uniformly, with consistent thickness throughout, it ensures consistent drying times for all the pieces. This uniformity helps to maintain the quality of the final product by preventing some slices from being over-dried or under-dried compared to others.

How this equipment improves better

Adjustable Slicing Thickness
  • Advantage: Allows for customization of slice thickness based on the specific product and desired drying time.
  • Benefit: Enables efficient drying for a wider variety of food materials.
  • Value: Increases production flexibility and expands the range of products a dehydrator can handle.
Adjustable Thickness Slice Equipment Snluck Industry
Uniform Slicing
  • Advantage: Ensures all slices have the same thickness for consistent drying.
  • Benefit: Minimizes product waste due to uneven drying and maintains overall product quality.
  • Value: Reduces production costs and improves finished product consistency.
Uniform Slice Equipment Snluck Industry
High Capacity
  • Advantage: Processes large quantities of food material efficiently.
  • Benefit: Increases production output and throughput.
  • Value: Boosts overall production capacity and profitability.
High Capacity Slice Equipment Snluck Industry
Easy Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Advantage: Minimizes downtime required for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Benefit: Improves overall hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Value: Ensures consistent product safety and extends equipment lifespan.
Easy Clean Slice Equipment Snluck Industry
Durable Construction
  • Advantage: Withstands the demands of continuous use in a food processing environment.
  • Benefit: Reduces equipment downtime due to breakdowns.
  • Value: Ensures long-term equipment reliability and minimizes replacement costs.
Durable Slice Equipment Snluck Industry

Parameter List

Blanch Dimension Capacity
SL-SL-04 960*660*1250mm 300-600KG/Hr
SL-SL-06 1200*600*1370mm 1000KG/Hr
SL-SL-08 860*780*910mm 600KG/Hr(Root-Cut Design)
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