Separation Smash Equipment

Separation Smash Equipment
  • Breaking Down Solids, the level of fineness can be precisely controlled depending on the specific equipment, ranging from coarse granules resembling breadcrumbs all the way down to talc-like powders.
  • Isolating the Essence, Liquid-solid separation comes into play for materials with high moisture content or those that benefit from separating the liquid components before dehydration.
  • Working in Tandem, Smashing and liquid-solid separation work together to create ideal conditions for hot air dehydration.

How this equipment improves better

Adjustable Crushing Mechanism
  • Advantage: Allows for customization of particle size based on the specific product and desired powder consistency for dehydration.
  • Benefit: Enables efficient drying for a wider variety of materials and optimizes the final texture of the dehydrated powder.
  • Value: Increases production flexibility, expands the product range, and caters to specific customer preferences in the dehydrated powder market.
Adjustable Smash Equipment Snluck Industry
Integration with Liquid-Solid Separation
  • Advantage: Facilitates processing of moisture-rich materials by removing excess liquid before or after smashing.
  • Benefit: Improves dehydration efficiency by reducing overall moisture content and prevents clumping in the final powder.
  • Value: Minimizes energy consumption during dehydration, reduces waste due to clumping, and enhances the overall quality of the dehydrated powder.
Liquid-Solid Separation Smash Equipment Snluck Industry
High Throughput Capacity
  • Advantage: Processes large quantities of material efficiently.
  • Benefit: Increases production output and throughput of material for dehydration.
  • Value: Boosts overall production capacity, lowers processing costs per unit, and allows for faster fulfillment of dehydrated powder demands.
High Capacity Smash Equipment Snluck Industry
Easy Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Advantage: Minimizes downtime required for cleaning and maintenance between batches.
  • Benefit: Reduces the risk of contamination and ensures consistent hygiene standards.
  • Value: Maintains product safety, minimizes production delays, and promotes overall equipment longevity.
Easy Clean Smash Equipment Snluck Industry
Durable Construction
  • Advantage: Withstands the demands of continuous use in a food processing environment.
  • Benefit: Reduces equipment downtime due to breakdowns and minimizes maintenance costs.
  • Value: Ensures long-term equipment reliability, lowers overall operating costs, and minimizes the need for frequent replacements.
Durable Smash Equipment Snluck Industry

Parameter List

Smash Dimension Capacity
SL-SM-01 1200*420*920mm 300-600KG/Hr
SL-SM-02 1500*700*1300mm 800-1400KG/Hr
SL-SM-06 1600*700*1400mm 1000-2500KG/Hr
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