Continuous Work Rinse Equipment

Continuous Work Rinse Equipment
  • Dirt and Debris Removal: The rinse equipment can be used with water sprays or immersion baths to remove dirt, dust, and other debris clinging to the surface of the materials. This ensures the final dehydrated product is clean and free of unwanted particles.
  • Salt or Brine Removal: For certain materials like fruits or vegetables, the rinse equipment can help remove excess salt or brine used in pre-processing steps.
  • Chemical Residue Removal: It thoroughly washes away any residual chemicals to ensure the final product is safe for consumption and free of chemical contamination.

How this equipment improves better

Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Advantage: Allows for tailored cleaning based on the material being processed.
  • Benefit: Effective removal of contaminants without damaging delicate products.
  • Value: Ensures optimal cleaning for a variety of materials, minimizing waste and maximizing yield.
Temperature Adjust Rinse Equipment Snluck Industry
Spray Nozzles/Immersion Option
  • Advantage: Provides versatility for different cleaning requirements.
  • Benefit: Efficient cleaning for both delicate items requiring gentle spraying and sturdier materials suitable for immersion.
  • Value: Caters to a wider range of products, increasing equipment usability and return on investment.
Nozzle Rinse Equipment Snluck Industry
Multiple Rinse Cycles
  • Advantage: Enables thorough cleaning by removing residual dirt or chemicals in stages.
  • Benefit: Guarantees a high level of sanitation for the dehydrated product.
  • Value: Ensures consistent product quality and safety, minimizing the risk of contamination and recalls.
Multiple Cycle Rinse Equipment Snluck Industry
Easy Drain System
  • Advantage: Facilitates quick and complete removal of wash water for efficient processing.
  • Benefit: Reduces downtime between batches and improves overall production throughput.
  • Value: Maximizes equipment utilization and operational efficiency.
Easy Drain Rinse Equipment Snluck Industry
Automated Controls
  • Advantage: Simplifies operation and ensures consistent cleaning parameters.
  • Benefit: Reduces reliance on manual operation, minimizing human error and improving process control.
  • Value: Contributes to consistent product quality and minimizes rework or product loss.
Easy Control Rinse Equipment Snluck Industry
Sanitary Design
  • Advantage: Promotes easy cleaning and minimizes the risk of harboring bacteria.
  • Benefit: Reduces maintenance time and ensures ongoing hygiene within the equipment.
  • Value: Protects product quality and brand reputation by upholding high sanitation standards.
Sanitary Design Rinse Equipment Snluck Industry

Parameter List

Blanch Dimension Capacity
SL-RC-1108 1100*800*1000mm 300-500KG/Hr
SL-RC-1508 1500*800*1000mm 500-700KG/Hr
SL-RC-4511 4500*1100*1400mm 1000-1200KG/Hr
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