Surface Skin Scrape Equipment

Surface Skin Scrape Equipment

Scrape equipment utilizes various mechanisms to efficiently remove the skin of fruits and vegetables before they enter the hot air dehydrator.

  • Improved Drying Efficiency: Skin often acts as a barrier to moisture removal during dehydration. Removing it allows for faster and more even drying, leading to better quality dehydrated products.
  • Enhanced Texture: Peeling can result in a more desirable texture in the final dehydrated product. For example, dehydrated potato with the skin removed will generally have a smoother and more consistent texture compared to one with the skin on.
  • Reduced Oxidation: In some fruits and vegetables, the skin can accelerate browning (oxidation) during dehydration. Peeling helps minimize this discoloration, leading to a more visually appealing dehydrated product.

How this equipment improves better

Adjustable Scraping Pressure
  • Advantage: Allows for precise control of peel removal, minimizing damage to the underlying flesh.
  • Benefit: Preserves the integrity of the product and minimizes product waste.
  • Value: Ensures a higher quality dehydrated product with minimal blemishes and maximizes yield.
Adjustable Scraping Pressure Snluck Industry
Interchangeable Scraping Heads
  • Advantage: Provides versatility for handling different peel textures and thicknesses.
  • Benefit: Enables efficient scraping for fruits and vegetables with soft, delicate skins (like tomatoes) and those with tougher, more abrasive skins (like carrots).
  • Value: Increases equipment usability for a wider range of products and avoids damaging delicate produce.
Interchangeable Scraping Heads Snluck Industry
Controlled Scraping Depth
  • Advantage: Ensures consistent removal of the peel layer without digging into the edible flesh.
  • Benefit: Minimizes product loss and maintains the desired texture of the dehydrated product.
  • Value: Maximizes yield and ensures a consistent final product with optimal texture.
Controlled Scraping Depth Snluck Industry
Easy Cleaning Design
  • Advantage: Facilitates quick and thorough cleaning to prevent food residue buildup and bacterial growth.
  • Benefit: Minimizes downtime between batches and ensures ongoing hygiene.
  • Value: Protects product quality and brand reputation by upholding strict sanitation standards.
Easy Cleaning Design Scrape Equipment Snluck Industry
Sanitary Design
  • Advantage: Withstands the rigors of continuous processing and minimizes the need for frequent repairs.
  • Benefit: Reduces maintenance costs and ensures reliable equipment operation.
  • Value: Provides long-term value and minimizes production downtime due to equipment failure.
Durable Construction Scrape Equipment Snluck Industry

Parameter List

Scrape Dimension Capacity
SL-SC-0806 800*600*700mm 150-250KG/Hr
SL-SC-1207 1500*800*900mm 700-900KG/Hr
SL-SC-2008 2000*800*1100mm 900-1200KG/Hr
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