Weighing Package Equipment

Weighing Package Equipment

Ensure each package receives a consistent and precise amount of dried material. This is achieved through integration with the filling system, creating an automated process for weight control.

  • Filling: The filling system (auger feeders, vibratory feeders, etc.) dispenses the dehydrated product into the package.
  • Continuous Weight Monitoring: A scale continuously monitors the weight of the product being filled.
  • Automatic Shut-off: Once the target weight is reached, the scale sends a signal to the filling system, which automatically shuts off. This ensures each package receives the exact amount of product.

How this equipment improves better

Automated Weight Control
  • Advantage: Eliminates human error in filling process.
  • Benefit: Ensures consistent and precise weight in each package.
  • Value: Meets product quality specifications, reduces product giveaway, minimizes waste.
Automated Weight Control Package Snluck Industry
Integration with Filling Systems
  • Advantage: Creates a seamless, one-step filling and weighing operation.
  • Benefit: Improves production efficiency and reduces overall packaging time.
  • Value: Increases production output and lowers labor costs.
Integration with Filling Systems Package Snluck Industry
Adjustable Target Weight
  • Advantage: Allows for packaging a variety of dehydrated products with different weight requirements.
  • Benefit: Provides flexibility for production runs with diverse product offerings.
  • Value: Expands product range capabilities and caters to a wider market.
Adjustable Target Weight Package Equipment Snluck Industry
Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Advantage: Minimizes downtime for cleaning and maintenance activities.
  • Benefit: Ensures equipment uptime and production continuity.
  • Value: Optimizes production schedule and maximizes return on investment.
Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Package Snluck Industry
Durable Construction
  • Advantage: Withstands the potential heat and moisture exposure in dehydration environments.
  • Benefit: Guarantees long-lasting equipment performance and minimizes equipment failure.
  • Value: Reduces long-term maintenance costs and ensures reliable operation.
Durable Construction Package Snluck Industry

Parameter List

Smash Dimension Capacity
SL-WP-04 520*380*1000mm 50-100Packs/Hr
SL-WP-05 570*550*1550mm 80-150Packs/Hr
SL-WP-06 400*360*1500mm 100-200Packs/Hr
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